40 Days to Personal Revolution


40 Days to Personal Revolution is a transformative program based on personal inquiry and growth and was created by Baron Baptiste. 

The program is based on 

The 12 Laws of Transformation and consists of a physical daily yoga practice, meditation, a cleanse in week four, and weekly meetings with the group of participants who are also taking part in the program.

There will be daily hot yoga (85-95 degrees) practice sessions six days per week with one day of rest. However sessions will be available 6 days per week. 

This EXCLUSIVE Journey into Power sequence is for all levels and a great way to introduce yourself to the practice as a beginner. This program is a jumpstart into personal growth and physical healing. You will be asked to do homework. 

The session will allow you to complete 40 days of practice. We will hold 1 meeting a week. 

The practice schedule for you to freely chose is as follows on the Mindbody app. Unlimited sessions in the 40 Day Program. 

Studio owner Sylvia Maxwell is a certified facilitator of the 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program by the Baptiste Institute and has completed 13 Baptiste programs including a year long leadership mentoring program 

Sol Power Yoga prides itself in getting honest and real with their student. We have high expectations for our students and hold them accountable.

Your mat facilitates your entire life. 

All you have to do is show up.  

align: a true north alignment intensive


Based on movement through the center and core this intensive was created to give you insight on on where and how you are in space with alignment.

In this 2 hour alignment intensive, you will discover moving your body from its center and maximizing controlology throughout.

Here you will walk away with a knowledge of what it feels like to have poses that are in true north alignment and how they are landing in your body.

You will gain access to a deeper more possible way of being on your mat by learning how defaults in your body and ways of being show up on your mat and in your life.

This intensive was created by and is facilitated by Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Influencer Sylvia Maxwell.