40 Days to Personal Revolution


This program will give you the tools you need to set yourself free and transform your mind and body. We will meet once a week to dive deep into this transformative program based on personal inquiry and growth. The program includes physical asana practice, meditation and self-injury. 

Begins: September 10th





Stand UP Lead: an all day immersion


What if you could tap in to your fullest expression and discover your best way of being? Your best way of leading your life from an entire new way of being? This corporate leadership program will help you tap into your super powers and create a platform for you to lead your life from the fullest expression!

The program will include physical, mental, and inquiry based learning. You will explore Baptiste methodology and standing in your feet to find the physical connection to mindful movement. 

Part of our day will include the Baptiste Power Yoga practice where you will learn simple alignment cues to get yourself and/or your student in safe movement alignment simply. 

You will discover how to make better connections with people and how to empower yourself or students through discovery of poses. 

We will explore how to lead if you are a teacher and how to lead if you are a stay at home mom. 

You will shed light on a NEW way of being and you will EMBODY being a STAND for others!

This program is for any one that wants to discover what's possible in their life!